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When it comes to drawing faces for girls, the only way is a different style. The first thing that you have to think of is how the woman will be drawn. In the beginning a simple face with the eyes closed and a small frown or a slight smile is enough. However, once the features become more complicated, start thinking of faces that will add more to the picture. As the girl gets older, the more complex the face, you will also have to change from the first sketches to the second.

Can you draw girls on the street?

On the streets we can also work very fast. Just by knowing how many people are walking around the street, you can estimate how many girls there are. You can draw their heads on a line, but you usually don’t want to draw their face.

As long as their eyes are open, there is nothing you can do. However, you can draw the girl’s eyes closed, making the body more obvious, and showing her lips, so it will be more difficult for men to recognize, but is really attractive to them, too.

To draw the girls on the streets, first draw the eyes.

Step 1: Turn the head.

Turning the head is just one of the very first steps when drawing a girl, and it can also be very easy or very hard to do fast. Generally speaking it’s one of the first steps, and you can just turn in all the way, without stopping. Also you need to take some time to draw the eyes and start drawing from there.

If you see a young girl, especially younger women, you already know, how easy it is to draw her eyes. However, to draw a girl from a mature girl, the eye position has to look quite different, especially if she’s the elder one. That can take some time.

You need to draw the other part of the face with your fingers, and then start drawing the mouth. In a woman she usually has lips, but only when she’s older do you draw them, and you need to move the lips to where you want, to match the other part of her face. There have been several ways to draw lips, but in our opinion, the most elegant and best way is to use your fingers:

Step 2: Draw the lips

Lick one finger, and start drawing the lower lip. When you take it a bit further, you draw the upper lip.

Step 3

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How do you draw a girl easy? – How To Draw Cars 3 Logo Typeface
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