How do you draw a Ford logo? – How To Draw Cars Easy Chevy Truck

That’s what I was interested in. I knew it would be weird to show them the car, so to draw the car I drew up what the Ford logo would look like. It was like a big cartoon on my laptop, a drawing that just appeared. I just sat there drawing it for hours in the dark—I even drew it upside down because the computer screen was upside down, and I just couldn’t draw it in the right way. It was so sketchy.

You made the mistake not paying attention the previous day, and you said that you “did not get paid for this” so you’re the idiot…

I said, “You don’t understand, I got this from a friend that I had the night before.” (laughs) I didn’t get paid for this. I’m just saying that as an explanation for why I was so angry at him.

Is it weird that, even with this sort of fame as a car artist, I don’t get paid? Is it weird that you don’t receive a dime for drawings?

No, not really. I don’t like drawing for money or anything like that.

That must be tough to balance. Not being paid.

I guess it is, I suppose. I don’t feel like I could be a successful artist if I don’t get paid.

Was it weird to be involved with those photos, to be part of a media frenzy about something you didn’t think could get publicity?

I’m kind of used to that. (laughs) But it was more of a crazy experience. I don’t have the same power that people have when they can see it. It felt really strange because I don’t want to seem ignorant. This isn’t about what I know. I have no interest in what I don’t know.

What does this mean for the future of the car?

If we can continue growing, it’s going to continue. If everyone is using car art like that, it can never go away. And if that happens, I can just draw a car all day, every day. I’m doing this to support the art world—there are so many people out there doing great arts. And now it’s just a matter of what they do.

It seems like more and more car artists are doing cool things. I want to get better at that. In my time, I’ve done a bunch of car drawings, but I could never do them fast enough

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How do you draw a Ford logo? – How To Draw Cars Easy Chevy Truck
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