How do you draw a Ford logo? – Car Sketches

It’s probably a good idea to start with a photo of the car.

The Ford logo is based upon a Ford car design for the 1950s, but the design has been updated to represent the world of today’s cars. The shape is based on a triangle, one of the most commonly used shapes for logos.

I’ve drawn a Ford logo with two sides that appear to be a triangle, because we think this is a good shape for a logo.

If you’d like to learn more, I highly recommend reading The Art of Logo Design by Stephen Tappin.

Step 3: Make a logo for a car’s tail light system

The shape for a tail light is the same as the shape for the Ford logo. The first thing you’ll want to do is measure the width of the tail light.

The next thing to consider is how large a box you will need to make your logo.

The length of the box will depend on the width of the tail light. If the box is small, cut it so that it overlaps only the tail light.

The size of the box will be an integral part of your design. You can make it larger if you require other features, like a side, or if you’d like the tail light to reflect an image from it.

Step 4: Give the logo to a graphic designer, and get the word ‘Ford’ to appear in it

The second thing that you’ll want to do is make a graphic for a car that would appear on the tail light.

A word or phrase is pretty much a necessity. I prefer to create a logo that says ‘Ford’:

The word ‘Ford’ is not the only thing to consider with the logo. The phrase ‘Ford Focus’ can also serve the same purpose. The ‘Focus’ in the Ford logo refers both to the car and the company.

Step 5: Write to a dealership to get the Ford logo changed

This is the second step that you’ll want to do. Write to your local automotive dealer to get a new logo.

Here’s a picture of the old Ford logo that was used on Ford cars. It was a bit large for our tastes, but it still looks good.

Here’s what the new logo looks like. The size of the letter ‘F’ has been reduced by using a flat ‘n’ on the front, because our eye gets used to it quickly.


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How do you draw a Ford logo? – Car Sketches
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