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In many cases, I would ask them to draw cow in their personal drawings. There would be a clear definition and a simple idea that the cow needed. Then I would draw the cow and ask if it could be on the page, then put her up.

The cow on the page was done after some time, but it was an image taken after a whole process of work, which gave me lots of ideas for how the picture could be.

Did you like drawing a cow? If so, do you like what you did? What do you think?

Actually, I liked drawing a cow because it was very easy to draw. I didn’t need a lot of time to draw a cow, so I couldn’t lose out on the joy.

On the other hand, I disliked the “craziness” of this image. I was afraid that it would become so weird that I couldn’t take it seriously.

Did you make a copy of the design?

No, it’s not like I went to work at the shop and bought everything to do the art. I was just there and watched them from a distance. Once the finished product was ready, they made the drawing and I finished the design.

How much did you think about how they looked in real life?

I just let the art get on my mind. I didn’t think about their design to look like something real until they were on the page. And I never took any pictures after I had finished the illustration. The picture came as naturally as an actual drawing.

What was the last work you did?

There have been many things that I’ve done over the years. I took a long time drawing a character in a manga, for example.

In your work, is there anyone or group that interests you?

I don’t draw people very much either. I like fantasy a lot, so I’m more interested in fantasy characters, like elves.

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I like the look of elves and monsters, like this person looking scary and intimidating… I like to draw these kinds of illustrations.

My friend often says that humans can’t survive long enough on earth, so elves and other monsters don’t help. But I have a lot of pictures that I created for kids around four years ago that have some funny looks, though.

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How do you draw a cow in real life? – Cool Things To Draw
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