How do you draw a cow? – How To Draw Cars 3 Very Easy Jackson Storm Coloring

“You need one cow. They don’t like the sound of the cow.”

So the real story of Tootie from Tootie the Unicorn isn’t that she was a little girl who wanted a horse and instead became a unicorn – this time as an adult?

“The real story is that she was a farmer’s wife in her younger days who was trying to get a horse as well as a cow.”

And what were her other ambitions?

“The horse? And I say a horse, which of course I’m not allowed to pronounce, I mean, so, they thought she was called Tootie, but they said, ‘That’s too much of a weird name for a horse.’ And all they had was a donkey, and you couldn’t do that, you couldn’t do a horse, you couldn’t do a donkey.”

She said she didn’t like that the donkey was the only horse she had, and that she wanted a horse, as well. So she turned horse and bull, and became herself a cow.

Well there were, there might not have been, people around her who did not have horses, and Tootie was a very interesting case.

“But you can’t be in the wrong, even if you’re not there to witness it.”

Yes, Tootie was in the wrong. The real story is Tootie herself changed.

Can you imagine if we would have just made people change, we could never have heard about her. It would have been too much of a story for us.

But the stories of witches, such as Tootie, have always been very powerful, aren’t they?

“No they have, but what we have now of the witches have been replaced by the witches who made themselves witches, such as witches of the 17th Century and of the 20th Century, or witches who have come from the other side – that’s the part of the story that keeps coming up. But the real story is the witches – they were born from the imagination.”

We hear about the witches of the past and the witches who would come after. But the witches of the 21st Century? Where have they gone?

“Look I have not gone, I have only been reading, reading, reading. That is all I have been doing. And you can’t tell what is real or not with that – it is all imagination. It is just

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How do you draw a cow? – How To Draw Cars 3 Very Easy Jackson Storm Coloring
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