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We do draw cows.” Then we get to the part where Dr. BovĂ© says, “You guys had great talent when you got started on the road,” and everyone gets up at the same time and runs a line down the center of the circle.

So you guys were running and making it back, and now you’re back here on tour with “The Big Sleep” again and people are coming up to you and doing your vocals for them!

Yeah!! Thank god we weren’t on stage when they took our picture!!

You guys were so busy on the road playing your songs that we were surprised when you showed up for the “The Big Sleep” reunion show. Did you take some time off after ‘The Big Sleep’ to rest and recover?

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We took three months off. We were too exhausted. We went from touring with the world’s greatest band to being part of a small, local band on the road. I’m sure there was a lot of pressure on us. We had a bunch of little projects going on in the studio and it was a lot of work.

On “Cats & Dogs” the opening riff was sampled from a “Shawn Lee” record and, for a while, the song itself was a Shawn Lee-sampled record. How did you and Paul go about writing a song for Shawn Lee back then?

Paul and I were going through his music at the time, trying to figure out a way of writing some of the songs. When Shawn talked about going into the studio after “The Big Sleep” with us he wasn’t in the mood.

Well, it’s great to see Shawn here.

Thanks for saying that! He’s been a big help to us on this tour, and we had a great time in Nashville. Shawn and I have had a few beers now and he’s just really happy to hear what we have to say when we get in front of him. He loves the people and the music. He does this for the songs. That’s really a sign of how much he loves the music.

So you still have your original lineups for “Cats & Dogs,” and “Cats & Dogs” is available to all bands as a download on iTunes. How does that make you feel?

We love to make music that everyone can listen to. There’s not many bands I can say that about.

That’s a very nice sentiment. I’m wondering if you’ve had

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How do you draw a cow? – Draw Cars 3D Voodoo
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