How do you draw a cat face? – How To Draw Cars 3 Imac Problems

Here is a quick explanation of how.

You are going to start by drawing a rectangle. There is not one but TWO rectangles coming off of the center of the rectangle. The one in the first rectangle is darker/black, and the one in the second one is lighter/white. Make sure to follow the rules about the background from my earlier tutorial.

Draw one rectangles, one red one for the cat face, and 1 black one for the cat with blue eyes.

Now you can start making cats. We will be seeing cats in three groups: 1) feline, 2) feline faces, and 3) cats with a cat face. I will start with the feline faces.

This is more like a game of cats. You can draw all the cats, I like, or you can pick and choose a few. You can even do something like this and the cat will NOT know which face is which because they are on different planes of time. But the interesting thing is that when the cat comes across a cat face, they still feel the pain, even though one is the light cat (they are in the light/dark plane). I like this. You can also draw as many red/black rectangles as you like.

I would recommend doing this with a white space on both sides. This will allow you to work on the lines later.
How to Draw Cars (Kid's Guide to Drawing): Laura Murawski ...

Once you have started in the right direction you want to draw, you may need to adjust/change where you set the white space on both the left and the right. Don’t worry too much here, just keep on going to find that sweet spot of the space that works perfect for the cat in front of you.

Here is how the feline faces look and their lines. Be sure to make adjustments to their lines later on. If they make the same “sounds”, draw them all the same color.

And here is the final cat.

It should look a little different from what you saw in the previous step. Here is the Cat with Blue Eyes, and here is the cat with red eyes.

This is the best step of all. You now have a cat with cat eyes. You can draw cats that use different colors or be very subtle. If you are making a line, try drawing both a cat and a cat face, then add this face to the cat at the very end.

I will talk more about this later in the tutorial.

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How do you draw a cat face? – How To Draw Cars 3 Imac Problems
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