How do you draw a bus? – How To Draw A Car 3/4 View

It’s not really that hard. Draw a line on the floor with pencil, or in pencil, and just go ahead and draw the bus coming in. Use a little pressure to build up a little wave of the pencil, and you’re just going to draw the bus from the right side up until you get to the left.

Now, you might notice I didn’t show you how to draw a circle or ellipse. Don’t worry. Let’s talk about that later.

Draw a circle

Okay, let’s go now to a circle and draw two lines connecting the points that you’re drawing. If I was to draw them at the bottom of the circle I would make what’s called a “diamond”. (If you get the feeling of being too good, try to follow that rule and you’ll be fine.)

When you want to add something for the middle of the circle I would draw the center line at both sides of the circle. Let’s go to the bottom again.

Take out your pencil.

I’m going to start drawing this next piece in black ink with a circle cut out. You can see how it looks by looking at the bottom of the circle. Remember these are just tips.

You can see why we’re not going to use this one, but there are some other ways to add this. Don’t worry about them too much, it’s all about the line that gets drawn, not the line that gets drawn. If you draw these lines carefully you can make some really nice shapes that you can add to the circle.

Start making that dot-dot-dot shape to the right of the center line. Make it about 1/4 of the circle size and place a dot on that corner of the circle and draw a dot there. Draw a third and final dot at the top left corner of the circle. You don’t need to draw every inch of the way, just enough to show you how the circle looks. Also, don’t worry about drawing it perfectly straight, just make sure it’s a circle that fits the shape.

Now take your red pencil and draw a line that connects to the top right corner of the circle. Draw a dot near the edge of the circle and draw another dot near the bottom left corner. Again, no need to worry about exact placement, just make sure the lines are there.

Next we’re going to do some work to our dot-dot-dot. You need

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How do you draw a bus? – How To Draw A Car 3/4 View
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