How do you draw a bus? – Car Pictures

If you want a picture of what it looks like when it is being built, look at other bus designs.

Another great article by Paul R. is about the art of building a bus. Check it out here: Building a Bus

Here is a great video on how to build a bus.

Building a Transit Bus – Construction Kit

Here is a great video on how to build a Transit bus kit.

Here is a cool video illustrating a Transit Bus’s components and what goes into designing/building a transit system.

Build a transit bus kit

A Bus – The Power Of Placement

Here is an interesting video that describes bus placement.

If there is one thing I have learned in the past year it is that you can use design and placement to get the job done.

Building a Bus – Bus Placement

For my next post I want to talk about how you should design your bus.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I am still new to public transit so I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

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Dry Dry Dry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the difference between a dry and dry cure?

The dry cure prevents the mold from developing further; and the dry cure temperature allows the mold mold to dry thoroughly, so to speak. If a mold is not completely cured at the final temperature and time, it tends to remain stable for a longer period of time. When you cure a mold, the temperature is decreased as you eliminate excess oil. However, not all oils are created equal. A good oil will help keep oil in suspension when it is dried, and it will eventually evaporate once the mold is cured.

If you don’t want to risk the chances of mold becoming an indoor issue, dry curing simply means you simply can’t use oil-based spray paint in your home anymore, and you will have no residual issues. Even without the risk of mold, a very slight amount of paint still remains on the surface so for most people, this is enough for them to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

2. What temperature and time does each dry cure process?

The temperature and time vary depending on the type of mold you are dealing with and the specific type of mold you are curing. The time it takes

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How do you draw a bus? – Car Pictures
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