How do I learn to draw realistically? – Car Proportions

Start with the basics: the basics. You know, your basic anatomy, face shape, face distance, face width, the proportions of your face. It’s actually the biggest mistake I see in younger kids. They don’t understand that they don’t need to draw every single bit of their body part, because it all works together – as it should.

As you get to more advanced drawings, start with simple stuff first, because you need to feel really confident in doing it the first time.

My basic drawings usually consist of the body part of a character I’m interested in. Then, I start to figure out how the face is drawn. After that, it is pretty much just a matter of adjusting it to my particular tastes.

Some artists are naturally better at drawing facial features than others, or at drawing the way their faces would appear. I don’t know too much about that myself, but I have been told that a good facial artist can draw faces to perfection, even if the eye looks too straight or the nose is pointed, just by drawing it as a shape.

What’s the difference between drawing an actual human being vs. cartoon characters?

A lot of artists are good at drawing realistic beings, but as long as the characters look real to the human eye, the artists often don’t think a bit about what’s going on. This is partly caused by our culture that worships and romanticizes figures, but I think a very large part comes down to laziness. Some artists even just have no interest at all in human figures.

There are certain people who aren’t comfortable with human figures. They just want to draw a beautiful human being. I always take them to a psychologist, because it seems they’re not interested in human things as individuals, but just want to be like someone else.

Which is the best drawing medium to use?

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I try to stick to the same material each time I make a drawing – sometimes I’ll make a drawing using only pencil, or sometimes I’ll use something heavier – watercolor, gelatinized paper, or acrylic. Sometimes I’ll also make a sketching or painting using either of those two.

This works for the most part. If you want to make a professional look, you have to stick to the same medium, and I am very satisfied with the quality of my drawings with watercolor in particular.

Watercolor drawings can have a very nice, abstract, even dreamlike quality, with

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How do I learn to draw realistically? – Car Proportions
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